Knowledge Transfer Partnership - details

Partnership Information

Partnership number: 2329
Partnership objective: To use Artificial Intelligence methods for easier use by non-experts. To be the first supplier with an object-orientated database. Demonstrate new technology in a report generator and provide a similar interface on all machines from a PC to mainframe.
Knowledge/technology: Unknown
Partnership dates: 10 July 1995 - 31 July 1997

Knowledge Base Partner Information

Knowledge Base Partner: The University of Nottingham
Department: School of Computer Science

Company Partner Information

Company Partner: Midland Software Limited
Company business: Provide Human Resource management software and services to a wide range of organisations.
Area of UK: East Midlands
Company Standard Industrial Classification: Software consultancy and supply(72200)
Company size: 250+ employees

Other Information

Contact: Prof D G Elliman
This Partnership is supported by: Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (100%)
Grant amount: £255,000.00

This partnership has a vacancy.