Knowledge Transfer Partnership - details

Partnership Information

Partnership number: 272
Partnership objective: To produce novel families of fluorinated, bifunctional aromatic intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry and develop appropriate in-house technology and expertise to do this.
Knowledge/technology: Chemical science
Partnership dates: 14 June 2004 - 30 November 2006

Knowledge Base Partner Information

Knowledge Base Partner: Bangor University
Department: BioComposites Centre

Company Partner Information

Company Partner: Apollo Scientific Limited
Company business: Manufacture and distribution of fine chemicals.
Area of UK: North West of England
Company Standard Industrial Classification: Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals(24130)
Company size: 250+ employees

Other Information

Contact: Dr Paul Fowler, Tel: 01248 383041
This Partnership is supported by: Innovate UK (100%)
Grant amount: £47,204.00